Real Time Chart Pattern Alerts
Technical Filters

To apply RT-Alerts Technical filters follow the instructions below.

Use Checkbox
To tell RT-Alerts to apply a technical rule check on the "Use" checkbox.  If the box is not checked the rule will be ignored.  The rules with the Use Checkbox checked will all be applied and only charts that meet all requested rules will be displayed for your selected chart patterns.

Click on the down arrow under the Indicator column and select from any of the technical Indicators.

<=> Column
Pull down the <=> selection and select the desired comparison parameter.

Value Column
Type in the value to use for the rule under the "Value" column. 

The value can contain commas as shown in the example for 300,000 in the example image above.

"or" column
Each rule can contain an optional "or" condition.  In the example above the user wants to see MACD Divergence Index values at extreme bullish and bearish levels.  The rule uses the "or" feature to allow the user to select MDI values over 80 or under -80.  Most rules will not be two part.  In a single part rule, like the 20 Day Average Volume over 300,000 above, no data is entered after the "or" column.

To Delete a Rule
To delete a rule you can click on the gray box at the extreme left of the rule and press your Delete key.